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It takes a deft hand to handle a brand. Almost every public event is a branding opportunity. Corporate event experts use many tools to spread their client’s message through their events. By integrating the client’s product or service into the event, a brand for the entire event itself can be created, making it powerful.

In this post, we’ve gathered a few branding ideas that were used at our past events, to communicate the client’s message clearly:

Corporate event place cards are a throw back to a more formal time. The corporate logo printed on a place card, though simplistic, makes it formal and can reflect the mood and theme of the event.:

An acrylic display accentuates the company’s logo in a special way: it is directly linked to the product or service. Its ability to be eye-catching contributes to higher brand recognition, and works well at corporate events.:

A physical template of the client’s logo slotted inside and placed in front of a light source is called a ‘Gobo.’ This kind of effect adds an extra dimension to branding as it easy to manipulate the shape of the light.:

Checkerboard branding is a subtle but incredibly effective way of promoting a company’s logo or name. When the colors, text and logos of companies are displayed on checkerboards at corporate events, they look neat and are hard to miss.:

A graffiti wall for branding is a great way to connect with people experientialy, as it is interactive and engaging. Since it can be custom-branded with the company’s name and logo, it is ideal for corporate events.:

A powerful and affordable marketing opportunity arises out of branding on clothing. Sometimes, these simpler and more direct marketing efforts yield better results; especially at conferences and events, where corporate clothing helps you stand out.:

Successfully branded events motivate your target audience to future action.  Create takeaways for your guests consistent with your brand and your goals to effectively motivate your attendees.Think of events as opportunities for your audience to more actively engage with your brand. 


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